22 October 2019

The BJJ Level II course will be held in January

Following the huge success of the BJJ for beginners course, BJJ Level II will be launched on the 18-19 of January next year.

BJJ for Beginners had more than 30 participants from four countries when it was held this summar. Level II was requested right away and now dates are set, it will take place at Fighter Centre on the 18-19 of January 2020.

The course covers Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques suitable for the second semester: Combinations of the basic techniques from level I, new positions, submissions, sweeps, escapes, reversals, breaking & passing the guard. Building on the takedowns and drills from level I, now with pop-up, grip in the gi and sprawl. All in a well-structured state of the art course.

Note: Although it is good to have attended Level I, it is by no means necessary. The importance of Level I is the order and syllabus for the first (beginners) semester, which is good if you want to teach according to that model. If you have a solid grappling foundation it will not be any problem to participate in Level II technically even if you missed Level I.

Ask questions, get updates and book you place through the fb-event.

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