Shooters MMA is a martial arts team, represented in several countries. Shooters develop instructors, supports affiliated academies and promotes the team’s fighters. The team consists of people that share a genuine passion for mixed martial arts. Not two people are alike and that applies for Shooters MMA as well, we understand to make use of this diversity. All members are encouraged to make their contribution to the team’s development and all instructors have influence in the decisions that are being made.

Shooters MMA is a progressive and innovating team and we are constantly improving our concept accordingly to the ongoing evolution of mixed martial arts. Through state of the art courses, we assure that our instructors are updated with the latest techniques and training methods. At a Shooters affiliated academy you are guaranteed high quality training and instruction. The team’s fighters are very successful in professional as well as amateur mixed martial arts competitions. The team’s fighters are highly skilled and entertaining fighters, that has fought in many major promotions around the world.

We welcome new members that share our passion for mixed martial arts! If you are interested in joining us please send an e-mail

Shooters HQ

The headquarters of Shooters MMA Fight Team is located at Fighter Centre a 1.500 square meters (roughly 16.000 square feet) training centre in downtown Gothenburg Sweden.

Fighter Centre was opened in August 2000 and initially had there training halls. It has constantly been improved and restored and now has six training halls.

With more than 2300 members taking part in group classes it is one of the worlds largest training centers focused on martial arts. Here you can find all kind of people from beginners to reigning world champions on professional level all with a burning passion for martial arts.

All this makes Fighter Centre a unique melting pot of skill, energy and passion that gives each and everyone the perfect conditions to reach their full potential. It is the perfect home for our team!