8 April 2006

Shooters MMA best team at Gameness

Once again Shooters MMA became best team at Gameness SW Championship which took place in Uddevalla on the 9th of April. Results for Shooters MMA:<br> <br> -60 kg ladies<br> 1st place, Ingrid Ekenberg (Gladius MMA, SE)<br> <br> -61 kg<br> 1st place, Araz nabizadeh (Sthlm shoot, SE)<br> 2nd place, Andreas bruzelius (Gladius MMA, SE)<br> 3rd place, Henrik Eriksson (Sthlm shoot, SE)<br> <br> -67 kg<br> 3rd place, Tomas Bäck (RenYi, SE)<br> <br> -79 kg<br> 1st place, Johan Westberg (RenYi, SE)<br> <br> -91 kg<br> 1st place, Tor Troeng (RenYi, SE)<br> 2nd place, Max Philipsson (Sthlm Shoot, SE)<br>

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