1 December 2014

Results Muay Thai Arena 5

Muay Thai Arena 5 took place at Valhalla Sporthall in Gothenburg Sweden on the 29th of November. Fighter Muay Thai, Fighters Lab also representing Shooters MMA Fight Team had several fighters on the card. Check out the results here!

Results Muay Thai Arena 5

B-class -67 kg

Linus Lindvall OneChai Muaythai vs Robin Paulsen Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Paulsen on points 3-0

B-class -58,5 kg

John Jay OneChai Muaythai vs Abel Kidane Fighters Lab Norway
Winner: Jay on KO 1,03 round 3

B-class -67 kg

Marcus Ericsson Halmstad Muaythai vs Marcell Druzynski Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Ericsson on points 2-1

B-class -70 kg

Abdallah Habib Rinkeby Muay Thai vs Tobias Jansson Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Habib on points 3-0

B-class -63,5 kg

Stellan Kok Halmstad Muaythai vs Billy Bengtsson Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Kok by points 2-1

B-class -57 kg

Mikaela Persson Göteborg Muay Thai vs Evelina Wikner Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Wikner by points 2-1

B-class -65 kg

Stefan Cipos Cerberos Gym Slovakia vs Mathieu Imbert Fighter Muay Thai
Winnner: Sipos Disqualified (knee to groin) 1,12 round 2

B-class -71 kg

Stela Cechvalova Cerberos Gym Slovakia vs Elina Nilsson Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Nilsson by points 3-0

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