9 February 2020

Results from ADCC Nordic Open 2020

The tournament ADCC Nordic Open 2020 took place at Bjørnholthallen in Oslo, on the 8th of February. 

Women Intermediate -60kg: Silje Wahl (Sarpsborg Chi MMA and Frontline Academy) won silver.

Women Beginner -70kg:  Isabel Luna Dominguez (Sarpsborg Chi MMA) won gold.

Men -77 kg: Ahmed Barzngi (Sarpsborg Chi MMA). Ahmed lost to a big beast in the first match.

Men Intermediate +100 kg: Arlind Berisha (Sarpsborg Chi MMA) won silver.

Women Intermediate -60kg: Silje Wahl.
A total of 3 in this weight class. First opponent meeting Silje, Nathalie Pahlenstam (GBG MMA & BJJ IF). Silje lost by points. Second opponent meeting Silje, Lene Marie Kvamme (Haubert team). Silje won by points Women Beginner -70kg:

Isabel Luna Dominguez:
A total of 6 in this weight class. -First opponent meeting Isabel, Heidi Røneid (Frontline Academy Oslo). Won by triangle. Second opponent meeting Isabel, Emilia Olsen (Oxy). Won by armbar. Third opponent meeting Isabel, Cordelia Bardalen (Frontline Academy Oslo). Won by points.

Men Beginner -77 kg:
Ahmed Barzngi. Ahmed lost the first fight against Christopher Caro (Frontline Academy Oslo).

Men Intermediate +100 kg: Arlind Berisha
A total of 6 in this weight class. -First opponent meeting Arlind, Powel Rudzinski (Frontline Academy Drammen). Won by Kimura. Second opponent meeting Arlind, Asbjørn Lillesveen (Frontline Academy Oslo). Won by guillotine. Third opponent meeting Arlind, Gard Natvig (Frontline Academy Drammen). Arlind lost by 2 points.


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