4 December 2018

Great success for CDS at the Serbian Championship 2018

For the first time in history of Serbian MMA one team (CDS) became the best in all categories junior, kadet and senior division. Car Dušan Silni made history. Congratulations!

The event was held in Vrbas on the 2nd of December and at this event, more than 150 fighters participate and held more than 100 fights which is a great success for Serbian amateur MMA


Senior – A class(-77) : 1st place. Marković Boris (CDS)

Senior – A class (-84) : 1st place. Milanov Nenad (CDS)

Senior – A class (+93) : 1st place. Sedoglavić Žarko (CDS)

Senior – B class (-62) : 2nd place. Popović Luka (CDS)

Senior – B class (-77) : 1st place. Ivančević Nikola (CDS)
2nd place: Lendić Aleksandar (CDS)
3rd place: 
Vukotić Vuk (CDS)
3rd place:  
Mugoša Savo (CDS)

Senior – B class (-93) : 1st place. Radmanović Branislav (CDS)

Junior – C class (-62) : 1st place . Simičić Voja (CDS)

Junior – C class (-77) : 1st place . Baždar Milan (CDS)
2nd place: 
Aleksić Veljko (CDS)

Kadet – C class (-66) : 1st place: Marinković David (CDS
2nd place: Milošević David (CDS)

Congratulations to you all!

You can find the complete results here

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