6 December 2014

Great results for Shooters MMA Fight Team at BCMMA 9

BCMMA 9 took place in UK yesterday and Shooters MMA Fight Team had a great evening and won three out of four fights. Dexter Dyall Wallin never got the chance since his opponent withdraw from the fight during the warm-up.

Fredrik Jostelius (Gladius MMA) defeated AJ Bridgeman by TKO in the first round. As mentioned Dyall Wallin’s fight got cancelled.

Thomas Robertsen (Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA) defeated Steve Minns in an Amateur MMA title fight and is the new BCMMA Champion in Middleweight.

Kristian Lapsley (Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA) defeated Jay Whyte in a Amateur MMA fight by DQ.

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