28 January 2015

Fighter Muay Thai best thaiboxing gym in Sweden

The Swedish Championship in Thaiboxing took place in Örebro Sweden on the 24th-26th of January. Fighter Muay Thai took no less than 5 golds and 1 bronze which makes the gym the best in Sweden.

Check out the results below (Pic: Fredrik Björnander Fighter Muay Thai who conquered the first gold of the evening)

Male -67 kg

Viktor Gustafsson, Halmstad Muaythai vs. Fredrik Björnander, Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Fredrik Björnander, 3-0

Female -71 kg

Elina Nilsson, Fighter Muay Thai vs. Anna Strandberg, TiP Muay Thai IF
Winner: Elina Nilsson, 2-1

Male -75 kg

Alex Tobiasson Harris, Fighter Muay Thai vs. Alexander Glemme, Varbergs Thaiboxningsklubb
Winner: Alex Tobiasson Harris, WO

Male -81 kg

Lambert Rutaganda, Kampsportscentralen LSS vs. Youssef Issa, Fighter Muay Thai
Winner: Youssef Issa, 3-0

Female -57 kg

Evelina Wikner, Fighter Muay Thai vs. Dalia Ali, Olympia Kampsportsförening
Winner: Evelina Wikner, 2-1

Male -71 kg

3. Tobias Jansson

Fighter Muay Thai will have five members in the Swedish National Team during 2015.

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