16 March 2002

Daniel Bergman and Jani Lax winner of Gameness SWC

Daniel Bergman and Jani Lax won their weightdivisions of Gameness Submission Wrestling Championship (16th of March, Uddevalla-Sweden). All results for fighters from Shooters schools:<br> <br> -70 kg. Tomas Hagstrand (Karlstad) 3rd place<br> -74 kg. Jani Lax (Karlstad) 1st place<br> -78 kg. Tony Larsson (Uddevalla) 3rd place<br> -82 kg. David Karlberg (Lupus) 3rd place<br> -86 kg. Jesper Hallberg (Lupus) 2nd place, Fredrik Kinnander (Uddevalla) 3rd place<br> -90 kg. Jimmy Palander (Uddevalla) 3rd place<br> +90 kg. Daniel Bergman (Stockholm) 1st place, Dennis Bäcklund (Båstad) 3rd place<br> Ladies Sandra Benjaminsson (Uddevalla) 3rd place

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