27 March 2014

Binh Son Le before the match at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck :

How does your preparations look like before The Zone FC ?
– The fight camp will be about 10 sessions a week of which 6 are MMA and 4 sessions is physical exercises.

What did you learn from the last fight?
– I learned a lot about myself in the last fight . I need to go in and take more initiative but also able to adjust during the fight.

Describe your fighting style!
– I like to counter, and take it to the ground, but I’m pretty well rounded.

You are calm kind and humble private. But in the cage , you are anything but that. How do you combine that?
– I think it’s the fighting that helps me. On the days I rest I feel very restless. I think martial arts generally helps people to achieve “harmony” . In the cage it’s a fight, so then I try to be as badass as possible.

What can we expect on April 26? – A hungry Binh Son Le and a gala with awesome fights!

Fight Card :

-83.9 Kg : August Wallen (7-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Sirwan Kakai (9-2-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg : Rafael Macedo da Silva (6-1-0) vs. Frantz Slioa (3-0-0)
-77.1 Kg Per Franklin (6-4-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Erik Carlsson (3-1-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Niclas Danielsson (3-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Binh Son Le (2-1-0) Vs TBA
-88.1 Kg : Piedde Hedberg (debute) Vs. TBA

Tickets: Biljettforum http://burl.dk/sfuvxj

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