14 June 2014

Alex Harris is still the WMC Champion

Alex Tobiasson Harris 29-5-0 (Fighter Muay Thai, SE) won the WMC Title fight against Yohan Lidon 75-31-1 which took place at the Monte-Carlo Fighting Master Event on The Louis II Stadium yesterday evening. Alex Harris is still the WMC Middleweight Champion!

Below you can find the rest of the evening’s results! Results WMC Title fights -61,24 kg
Pakorn Sakyothin (Thailand) defeated Yetkin Ozkul (Turkey) by points
-63,50 kg
Ekkarit (Thailand) defeated Dylan Salvador (France) by points
-69,85 kg
Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) defeated Djimé Coulibaly (France) by points
-72,58 kg
Beurneung (Thailand) defeated Abdallah Mabel (France) in round 3
-76,20 kg
Alex T Harris (Sweden) defeated Yohan Lidon (France) by points
-95,00 kg
Artem Vakhitov (Russia) defeated Dzianis Hancharonak (Belarus) by points
+95,00 kg
Paul Slowinski (Australia) defeated Tsotne Rogava (Ukraine) by points

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