26 September 2014

Tobias Jansson fights at MTA 5 in Sweden

Tobias Jansson who represents Fighter Muay Thai and Shooters MMA Fight Team will face Magnus Andersson from Halmstad Muaythai at MTA 5.

MTA 5 takes place in Gothenburg Sweden on the 29th of November. Jansson who is a technical and well-rounded fighters had his latest fight at MTA 4 in May this year. A fight he won by KO against the Portugese fighter André da Silva from Dinamite Team. This time around Jansson will fight the Swedish fighter Magnus Andersson from the well known gym Halmstad Muaythai.

Muay Thai Arena website. A trailer in full length will be released on the 1st of October. Until then, check out a teaser for the event here.

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