29 November 2017

Three wins for Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA at BCMMA 20

Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA had severals fighters competing at BCMMA 20 which took place on the 25th of November in Colchester UK. See the results here.

Same order as in the picture, from the left:

Welterweight 170 lbs
Kenan Hasic (0-1) faces Andrew Hermamann (2-0) from FORCE MMA.
Results: Hasic lost by TKO

Flyweight 125 lbs
Dilawar Nasir (1-2) fights Sam Green (3-4) from GYM 01.
Results: Nasir lost by decision

Welterweight 170 lbs
Chris Henrik Nygård (1-0) fights Fudhail Kelali (0-3) from LDG.
Results: Nygård won by KO 11 seconds into the first round.

Lightweigt 155 lbs
Henrik Persson (1-1) will fight Zackira Karasad (0-1) from LDG.
Results: Persson won by TKO (low kicks) in the second round.

Welterweight 170 lbs
Micheal Skogmann (1-0) faces Frantz Carpentier (0-2) from CFMMA
Results: Skogmann won by decision.

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