23 May 2009

The results from Kaisho BJJ Cup 2009 are up

Shooters MMA Fight Team performed well at Kaisho BJJ Cup 2009 that took place in Helsingborg Sweden on the 34rd-24th of May. See the team’s results below! Kaisho BJJ Cup results: White Belts: Female -58,3 kg 1. Viveca Ekhem, Kaisho/Shooters MMA Female Absolute 3. Cattis Pettersson, Gladius/Shooters MMA Men -70 kg 2. Johan Eliasson, Gladius MMA/Shooters MMA Men -88,3 kg 1. Elme Kadic, Kaisho/Shooters MMA Blue belts: Men -70 kg 1. Oskar Sollevi, Kaisho/Shooters MMA Men -76 kg 1. Frank E. Barman, Gladius/Shooters MMA 2. Daniel Alvarado, Gladius/Shooters MMA 3. Moheb Nayeri, Gladius/Shooters MMA Purple belts: Men -76 kg 2. Martin Hedenbergh, Gladius/Shooters MMA (2p)

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