1 August 2016

Successful Charity Fight Night arranged by Tap or Snap

Christian Smith and his crew at Tap or Snap in UK organized their first Charity Fight Night this weekend and it was a great success!

A night of martial arts, joy, fellowship and engagement. All donations to the chosen charity – to help raise money for Nottingham City Hospital Rehabilitation Unit to buy equipment to help aid movement of Parkinson’s patients who attend there. Tap or Snap set out to raise £1500 for this cause and raised around £1500 in sponsorship alone and £590 on the raffle. Overall a huge and successful night for both the charity and the club.

Christian sends a special thanks to the little crew (pic), consisting of Thor, Bam Bam, Lauren and Brooke, whose energy and enthusiasm throughout the night was amazing taking it in turns to walk fighters in, parade the round cards, present trophies and put together a exhibition half way through the night. For those who haven’t already had the pleasure of watching them, here they are.

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