6 August 2005

Shooters MMA in MMA Universe

The September issue of MMA universe “UK’s ultimate MMA magazine” features a 4 page story on the MMA Course that took place in UK in June, giving Shooters MMA great profile (page 64).<br> <br> In the same issue you can also read about:<br> <LI>Cage Warriors ‘Strike Force’ (21st of May, Coventry UK) where Danny Batten from Total Dojo beat Emmanuel Fernandes (page 42).<br> <LI>FX3 X-plosion (18th of June, Reading Berkshire UK) where David McLaughlin from Tsunami Gym fought Olivier Ellis is also covered (page 50).<br> <LI>Combat Sports Open Trials (24th of April, Birmingham UK) where four fighters from Total Dojo participated (page 54).<br> <LI>Shin conditioning by Mark Woodward from MK2 MMA (page 78).

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