24 November 2017

Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA at BCMMA 20

The Norwegian academy Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA with head coach Chris Dat Ngo are ready for BCMMA 20 which takes place on the 25th of November in Colchester UK. Sarpsborg has no less than 5 fighters on the fight card.

Same order as in the picture, from the left:

Flyweight 125 lbs
Dilawar Nasir (1-1) fights Sam Green (2-4) from GYM 01. This is Dilawar’s third MMA fight.

Welterweight 170 lbs
Kenan Hasic (0-0) faces Andrew Hermamann (1-0) from FORCE MMA. The fight at BCMMA 20 is Kenan’s first MMA fight.

Welterweight 170 lbs
Chris Henrik Nygård (0-0) fights Fudhail Kelali (0-2) from LDG  and this will be Chris’ first MMA fights

Lightweigt 155 lbs
Henrik Persson (0-1) will fight Zackira Karasad (0-0) from LDG. This fight will be Henrik’s second MMA fight.

Welterweight 170 lbs
Micheal Skogmann (0-0) faces Frantz Carpentier (0-1) from CFMMA and this will be Micheal’s debut fight in MMA.

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