13 March 2016

Results Nordic BJJ Open

One of Europes biggest BJJ events, Nordic BJJ Open, took place in Stockholm Sweden this weekend and Gladius BJJ and Fenix Martial Arts conquered medals.

Nordic BJJ Open (684 participants) took place in Nacka Stockholm on the 12th-13th of March and below you find the results for Gladius BJJ and Fenix Martial Arts representing Shooters MMA Fight Team:


Brown belts -100,5 kg
1. Max Hederström Gladius BJJ (picture)

Purple belts -88,3 kg
Participant: Henri Lindroos Gladius BJJ

Blue belts -64 kg
1. Emil Andersson Gladius BJJ
2. Hampus Eneineryd Gladius BJJ

White belts -70 kg
Participant: Medet Nursultanov

Blue belts Juniors -64 kg
3. Emil Andersson Gladius BJJ

Open weight classes

Brown belts
2. Max Hederström Gladius BJJ

Purple belts
Henri Lindroos Gladius BJJ

White belts
1. Medet Nursultanov Gladius BJJ

Gladius BJJ, in total: 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 bronze

– – –

Blue belts Master 82,3 kg
2. Damir Jahic Fenix Martial Arts

Brown Belt master absolute
2. Mike Wall Fenix Martial Arts

Fenix Martial Arts, in total: 2 Silver


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