15 April 2014

Per Franklin Vs. Vitaliy Kalynyuk at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck

Per Franklin is one of the local fighters that fought several times at The Zone FC before. He has 10 pro fights of which 6 victories and 4 losses. He is strongly built and is a well rounded fighter. When you see a fight with Franklin he goes all in, win or loose, so you know from beginning the fight is action packed from start to beginning.

Franklin fights Kalynyuk from Portugal. Kalynyuk needed only seconds in his last fight and in fact it was here in Sweden against Alexander Prodér at Cage Challenge XI. A devostating KO followed by a flur of punches ended that fight as beautilful as it was brutal. Kalynyuk holds a record of 6-7-0. Who will have the upper hand in this welter weight bout?

Fight Card:

-83.9 Kg : August Wallen (7-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Sirwan Kakai (9-2-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg : Rafael Macedo da Silva (6-1-0) vs. Frantz Slioa (3-0-0)
-77.1 Kg Per Franklin (6-4-0) Vs. Vitaliy Kalynyuk (6-7-0)
-73.0 Kg: Fernando Gonzalez (5-1-0) Vs. Guram Kutateladze (4-1-0)
-77.1 Kg : Erik Carlsson (3-1-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Niclas Danielsson (3-1-0) Vs. Ole Magnor (debute)
-61.2 Kg: Binh Son Le (2-1-0) Vs. TBA
-58,0 Kg: Fredrik Jostelius (1-0-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg: Simon Bandarian (1-0-0) Vs. TBA
-88.1 Kg : Piedde Hedberg (debute) Vs. TBA

The Zone Fighting Championship: The Zone Fighting Championship is a series of professional MMA event in Gothenburg. On April 26, 2014 The Zone FC 13 – ‘ Tough Luck ‘ will take place in Lisebergshallen. Expect spectacular matches between Swedish elite fighters and foreign fighters.

Some athletes who previously has competed in The Zone FC: Alexander Gustafsson , Tor Troeng , Mats Nilsson, Hamid ” Akira ” Corassani , Magnus ” Jycken ” Cedenblad , August Wallen , Besam Yousef, Assan Njie and others.

Tickets: Biljettforum http://burl.dk/sfuvxj

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