11 December 2017

One gold and five medals in total for Gladius MMA

The Swedish Championship in MMA took place this weekend and Gladius MMA won no less than 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

Renato Vidovic won gold in bantamweight, Navid Badi (lightweight) and Axel Karlsson (Welterweight) won silver and Heytham Rahbi (Middleweight) and Dennis Rydén (Flyweight) won bronze.

Besides the medals Gladius MMA will have five fighters in the National Team during 2018:

Renato Vidovic
Axel Karlsson
Navid Badi
Anja Saxmark
Anton Anderssom

Standby in case someone can not compete during the year are Heytham Rahbi and Dennis Rydén!

Head coach in the team is August Wallén. Ante Agneby was assistant coach during the championship. Congratulations to everyone!

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