14 April 2014

Niclas Danielsson Vs. Ole Magnor at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck

Niclas Danielsson is one of Sweden’s strongest welterweights in his weight calss. He says that he is not a technical fighter but he makes up for this with strength and toughness.

Norwegian Ole Magnar have a thaiboxing background and has a record of 4-0 in the standing fight (thai/k-1) and he is 2-0 in amateur MMA. In addition, he trains with, Norwegian grappling legend John Olav Einemo at Novus Academy, Norway’s largest martial arts center.

This is his debut match in professional MMA but his coach believe Magnar has a chanse to win althogh Danielsson is a tough opponent.
– He’s been ready for pro MMA for a long time now says Ståle Nyang, the coach of Magnar. He trains with the absolute elite here in Norway and it’s time for him to make his debute. He can beat anyone in this weight class, he is that good, says Nyang about his protégé.

Danielsson has little to gain and everything to lose in this fight against hard-hitting Magnor . It’s probably no secret that Danielsson will try to take the match to the ground and that Ole Magnor will try to use his height and reach to keep Danielsson on distance and try to tire the Swede out.
Fight Card :

-83.9 Kg : August Wallen (7-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Sirwan Kakai (9-2-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg : Rafael Macedo da Silva (6-1-0) vs. Frantz Slioa (3-0-0)
-77.1 Kg Per Franklin (6-4-0) Vs. TBA
-73.0 Kg: Fernando Gonzalez (5-1-0) Vs. Guram Kutateladze (4-1-0)
-77.1 Kg : Erik Carlsson (3-1-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Niclas Danielsson (3-1-0) Vs. Ole Magnor (debute)
-61.2 Kg: Binh Son Le (2-1-0) Vs. TBA
-58,0 Kg: Fredrik Jostelius (1-0-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg: Simon Bandarian (1-0-0) Vs. TBA
-88.1 Kg : Piedde Hedberg (debute) Vs. TBA

The Zone Fighting Championship: The Zone Fighting Championship is a series of professional MMA event in Gothenburg. On April 26, 2014 The Zone FC 13 – ‘ Tough Luck ‘ will take place in Lisebergshallen. Expect spectacular matches between Swedish elite fighters and foreign fighters.

Some athletes who previously has competed in The Zone FC: Alexander Gustafsson , Tor Troeng , Mats Nilsson, Hamid ” Akira ” Corassani , Magnus ” Jycken ” Cedenblad , August Wallen , Besam Yousef, Assan Njie and others.

Tickets: Biljettforum http://burl.dk/sfuvxj

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