18 February 2016

New opponent for John Maguire at BCMMA

British Challenge MMA 14 takes place tomorrow at Colchester in UK on the 20th of February and there has been some changes in the fightcard.

John ‘The One’ Maguire from Tsunami Gym and Shooters MMA Fight Team will now square off against Aymard Guih (9-5-1) from MK Legion and Team Warriors Cote D’Iovoire.

Mehrdad Janzemini was forced to withdraw from the interim title fight against Thomas Robertsen from Sarpsborg MMA/Shooters MMA Fight Team due to an ACL injury. The offer then went to Manuel Garcia Nieto, who was supposed to fight Maguire. Garcia Nieto accepted the titel fight and therefore Guih got the chance to fight Maguire.

Guih may well be known to fans of UK MMA having previously competed for both FCC and Cage Warriors in the past couple of years.

Pic: Guih vs Maguire at the weigh-in today.

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