17 January 2016

New format for Submission Wrestling training at Shooters HQ

This year Fighter Centre in Gothenburg, Shooters HQ, goes for a new format regarding Submission Wrestling training. Read more!

Gladius MMA and Fighter Centre will provide no less than seven Submission Wrestling sessions a week. The schedule contains wrestling sessions with the prominent wrestling coach (Jakob Yakub), technic sessions, and of course “shark tank” sessions – where you will get a clear reality check regarding your grappling skills!

Wrestling: Jakob Yakob

Grappling beginners: Linus Eklind

Grappling advanced: Joel Schyman

Grappling “shark tank”: Conny Wollbrant

Other instructors and coaches: August Wallén (chief instructor Shooters MMA Fight Team, Mikael Knutsson (pictured – read more about Mikael here), Fredrik Nixon and Xhevdet Muli.

You can find more information about the Submission Wrestling training here and there is also a Facebook group for the participants.


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