3 November 2014

New fight for Elina Nilsson at MTA 5

Elina Nilsson has a new fight coming up in November and it will take place at Muay Thai Arena 5 in Gothenburg Sweden.

Nilsson who represents Fighter Muay Thai/Gladius MMA and Shooters MMA Fight Team will fight Therese Sjöholm from Halmstad Muay Thai in Sweden in a B-class thaiboxing fight at Muay Thai Arena 5 which takes place at Valhalla Sporthall in Gothenburg Sweden on the 29th of November.

So far following fights with Shooters MMA Team fighters are announced for MTA 5:

B-class fights (5 x 2 min.)

Linus Lindvall OneChai Muaythai vs Robin Paulsen Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

Marcus Ericsson Halmstad Muaythai vs Marcell Druzynski Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

Magnus Andersson Halmstad Muaythai vs Tobias Jansson Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

Stellan Kok Halmstad Muaythai vs Billy Bengtsson Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

Mikaela Persson Göteborg Muay Thai vs Evelina Wikner Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

Cristobal Guerrero Vallentuna Boxing Camp vs Mathieu Imbert Fighter Muay Thai

Therese Sjöholm Halmstad Muaythai vs Elina Nilsson Fighter Muay Thai (interview)

See the trailer here and more news at Muay Thai Arena website. Tickets are available at Fighter Centre and at the Budo & Fitness store in Gothenburg.

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