30 November 2017

New course format and dates set!

The new generation of Shooters MMA intensive weekend courses are launched.

Since the first Shooters course was held in Poland in October of 2002, the courses have more or less always had a multiday format. Since then the format with 24 hours of information-packed training over four days have served us well. It has been a great tool but there are some problems; for example some can’t get free for four days plus travel and some can’t take four days of tough training in a row. But most importantly, to be able to keep driving the development the information can no longer fit in a four-day format.

From 2018 the course format is therefore changed to weekend courses, six hours a day for two days.

The old MMA course is now three courses that focus on one topic/area each:
– Dutch (suitable for both fighters that focus solely on stand-up and those doing MMA)
– Takedowns, Clinch & Cagework for MMA
– Groundwork for MMA

Compared to the old MMA Course it means 50% more time, which in turns means more information, techniques and drills in each area! The goal is to give more information with even more focus and specialisation in each area.

In the calendar you can find information about the three courses planned on consecutive weekends. If you click each course you will find all the information about the course as well as links to nearby hotels and hostels.

If you want to take two (or more) courses you can train at Fighter Centre on the weekdays between the courses for free!

Note: As stated above the Dutch course is also suitable for stand-up fighters. The dutch course together with courses on thaiclinch, padwork and more will replace the old SUF course. More information will be announced later. Other courses will be presented as well!

Dutch 13th-14th of January
Takedowns, Clinch & Cagework for MMA 20th-21st of January
Groundwork for MMA  27th-28th of January

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