26 June 2007

John Maguire winner at Cage Rage Contenders 5

John Maguire (Tsunami Gym, UK) beat Jake Bostwick at Cage Rage Contenders 5, which took place in UK on the 16th of June. Report from Cage Rage:<br> <br> “This was to be the controversial fight of the night as a bit of confusion saw this one stopped early. It started off as a great fight between two new stars John Maguire and Jake Bostwick. They went head to head and it was Maguire that seemed to have the better strategy as he took control of Bostwick when the fight hit the ground. Maguire moved around almost at will towards the end of the first round. Maguire set Bostwick into a crucifix position and began to throw unanswered strikes, but that is where it all went wrong, while trying to buck his opponent Bostwick gave the impression he had tapped because he was in trouble, only referee Grant Waterman seemed to make an error. The final outcome was that Maguire would be awarded the win with a rematch on the cards.”

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