3 September 2015

Instructors camps at Shooters HQ

During the fall the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Shooters HQ, Conor McDonagh, will teach instructors seminars concerning a couple of crucial areas within training, fighting and performance. Read more!

Conor McDonagh will continue to educate and develop the skills of the instructors at Gladius MMA and Fighter Muay Thai which are both located at Shooters HQ – Fighter Centre in Gothenburg Sweden.

The education plan for the instructors is as follows:

Warm-up – Theory: The 13th and the 27th of September
Warm-up – Practical: The 4th and the 11th of October
Recovery: The 25th of October and the 1st of November
Coaching skills: The 8th and the 15th of November

Also, take part of a recent interview with Conor McDonagh.

Pic, from the left: August Wallén (chief instructor Shooters MMA Team) and Conor McDonagh (the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Shooters HQ)

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