3 December 2016

Hard day at the office for John Maguire

John Maguire challenged Borys Mańkowski for the KSW welterweight title yesterday evening. Unfortunately Maguire lost by decision.

KSW 37 took place at Tauron Arena in Krakow Poland yesterday evening. Maguire (24-9, 3 KO, 14 Sub) from Tsunami Gym and Shooters MMA Fight Team challenged Borys Mańkowski (19-5-1, 3 KO, 7 Sub) for the KSW welterweight title in the main event.

Maguire lost on decision and comments the fight on Facebook:

So it wasn’t my night tonight people lost a decision and it’s been a while since I’ve lost and now I’m just remembering how much…….it sucks!

Pic: John Maguire with crew, among others Tommy Maguire and Luke Barnatt.

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