17 June 2024

Groundwork for MMA this summer

The Groundwork for MMA course will take place at Fighter Centre on the 10th-11th of August.

It’s time to dust of the techniques, skills and concepts around the groundwork of MMA (last time was two years ago). Learn and drill ground ‘n pound and submissions as well as defensive strategies.

Content: All basic positions, submission, striking, escapes, reversals, passing, standing up, transitions, combinations and much more in a well structured state of the art course.

Equipment: MMA gloves, cup and mouthpiece.

Requirements: At least two years of training in a martial art that includes groundfighting.

Certificate: Will be awarded to all attendants that can show proficiency in all course moments.

Hours: 12 hours of training, divided into four 3-hours classes: 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 both days.

Price: 220 Euros

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