7 July 2007

Great results for Shooters Serbia at Belgrade Invitational SW 2

Belgrade Invitational SW 2 took place in Belgrade Serbia on the 1st of July. Shooters Serbia presented a great result!<br> <br> <br> <b>Kadets</b><br> <br> 1st place, Aleksandar Gagovic (CDS)<br> 2nd. place, Dusan Novakovic (Fight Center Kula)<br> <br> <br> <b>Juniors</b> <br> <br>-75 kg <br> 2nd place, Igor Janjanin (CDS)<br> <br> <br> <b>Beginners</b><br> <br> -76 kg<br> 1st place, Jovan Vasovic (CDS)<br> 3rd place Dusan Dzakic (CDS)<br> <br> -96 kg<br> 1st place, Andrej Vidovic (CDS)<br> <br> Absolute<br> 3rd place, Dejan Visnjic (CDS)<br> <br> <br> <b>Adults</b><br> <br> -76 kg<br> 2nd place, Aleksandar Tomic (CDS Bijeljina)<br> 3rd place, Dragan Djakonovic (Fight Center Kula)<br> <br> -86 kg<br> 1st place, Zeljko Vujic (CDS Bijeljina)<br> <br> -95 kg<br> 1st place, Dragan Tesanovic (CDS)<br> 2st place, Dragutin Milosevic (CDS)<br> <br> +95 kg<br> 1st place, Aleksandar Radosavljevic (JK Zandarmerija – CDS)<br> <br> Apsolute<br> 1st place,Dragan Tesanovic (CDS)<br> 2st place, Aleksandar Radosavljevic (JK Zandarmerija – CDS)<br> <br> <br> <b>Best Club</b><br> <br> CDS (Card Dusan Silni)<br> <br> <br> <b>Best Team</b><br> <br> Shooters MMA<br>

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