7 August 2009

Great results for Shooters MMA Team at the Summer Slam 2009 in Hamburg

Shooters MMA became best team at Summer Slam 2009 that took place in Hamburg Germany on the 8th of August. The team won 4 golds, 2 silver and 3 bronze. See the teams’ results below! Intermediate Women -60 kg 1. Julie Larsen Fight Gym Odense Open class Women 3. Julie Larsen Fight Gym Odense Beginner Men -80 kg 3. Emil Schondelmaier Fight Gym Odense Beginner Men +90 kg 1. Allan kristensen Fight Gym Odense 2. Michael Duus Jakobsen Sønderborg MMA Intermediate Men -90 kg 1. Valentin Dumitriu Carabao Bremen Advanced Men -90 kg 2. David Rosmon Fight Gym Odense Advanced Men +90 kg 1. Otto Knudsen Fight Gym Odense 2. Sonny Nielsen Fight Gym Odense 3. Stefan Salzburg X-ess Fights Sportschule

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