4 December 2003

Great results for Shooters at EVT

European Vale Tudo ‘Genesis’ took place on the 6th of December in Copenhagen Denmark. The first Cage fight in the Nordic countries turned out to be a huge success! 4 out of 6 fighters from Shooters won their fights.<br> <br> Sonny Malmkvist Nielsen (Advanced Gym Odense, DK) lost to Christian Graugart<br> Joakim Engberg (Lupus Shootfighting, SE) defeated Ski Svirskis (TKO 2,58 round 1)<br> Thomas Hytten (Ookami Shootfighting, NO) defeated Mario Stapel (dec 2-1)<br> Martin Kampmann (Aarhus Shootfighting, DK) defeated Toni Vivas (TKO 1,23 round 1)<br> Lars Besand (Skagen Fight Gym, DK) defeated Scott Ireland (submission strikes 4,21 round 1)<br> Daniel Bergman (Shootfighting Stockholm, SE) lost to Guy Mezger<br>

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