31 May 2007

Great results at Westside Submission Wrestling Tournament 3

Around 80 grapplers from 9 academies on the Swedish westcoast participated in Gladius Westside Submission Wrestling Tournament 3 which took place at Fighter Centre in Gothenburg Sweden on the 2nd of June. Results for Shooters MMA:<br> <br> <br><b>Ladies Open</b> <br>1st place, Nina Backlund, Stenungsund KA <br>2nd place, Emelie Nyberg, Stenungsund KA <br>3rd place, Miranda Ländin, Gladius MMA <br> <br><b>Mens</b> <br><b>-60 kg</b> <br>1st place, Karl Norlander, Gladius MMA <br>2nd place, Ola Normelli, Gladius MMA <br>3rd place, Yuttana Siwilai, Steungsund KA <br> <br><b>-65 kg</b> <br>1st place, Leo Hallersbo, Kampsportscentrum Trollhättan <br>2nd place, Andreas Dahlqvist, Gladius MMA <br>3rd place, Rami Aziz, Fröunda KC <br> <br><b>-70 kg</b> <br>1st place, Robin Pettersson, Gladius MMA <br>2nd place, Adnan Klempic, Gladius MMA <br>3rd place, Joakim Lundbäck, Gladius MMA <br> <br><b>-76 kg</b> <br>1st place, Domigos Mestre, GBG MMA <br>2nd place, Tobias Thornblad, 414 Fightgym <br>3rd place, Erik Stenqvist, Yamasaki <br> <br><b>- 83 kg</b> <br>1st place, Max Hederström, Gladius MMA <br>2nd place, Joachim Stomberg, Gladius MMA <br>3rd place, Henik Edström, Stenungsund KA <br> <br><b>-91 kg</b> <br>1st place, Johan Adolfsson, Gladius MMA <br>2nd place, Rasmus Nilsen, Borås Fightgym <br>3rd place, Robin Johansson, Frölunda KC <br> <br><b>+91 kg</b> <br>1st place, Alex Runge, Gladius MMA <br>2nd place, Rachid Taouhit, Gladius MMA <br>3rd place, Magnus Randolf, Kaisho <br> <br><b>Points (1st place = 4 point, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point)</b> <br>1. Gladius MMA 33 points <br>2. Stunungsund KA 8 points <br>3. Kampsportscentrum Trollhättan 4 points <br>5. Borås Fightgym 2 points <br>8. Kaisho 1 points <br> <br><b>Best club</b> <br>Gladius MMA <br> <br><b>Best fighter</b> <br>Max Hederström (Gladius MMA)

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