25 September 2014

Gladius MMA at Swedish Grappling League

SGL (Swedish Grappling League) West, event 3, takes place on Sunday and Gladius MMA participates with a big crew.

Swedish Grappling League is a series of events that leads up to a finale later this year. Event 3 out of 4 takes place on Sunday and following contestants from Gladius MMA will compete:


-66 kg
Ivar Acevedo

-77 kg
Rashad Imle
Jakob Frostenäs

+100 kg
Jesper Lantz


-58 kg
Anja Saxmark

-64 kg
Talla Molki

-77 kg
Omar Chahine


-77 kg
Abdulla Aslouj

-84 kg
Heytham Rahbi
Linus Eklind


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