10 October 2014

Gladius BJJ at Nordic BJJ Open

Gladius BJJ has 15 competitors to Nordic BJJ Open ‘Fall Edition’.

The event takes place in Stockholm Sweden on the 19th of October and below you can see which fighters from Gladius BJJ that will compete:


-64 kg
Hampus Eineryd

-70 kg
Tim Hagberg

-76 kg
Pirooz Moshirian
Jesper Andersson

-82,3 kg
Xhevdet Muli
Christian Müller

+100 kg
Fredrik Espenberg Törnfeldt


-70 kg
Martin Danielsson

-76 kg
Abdulla Aslouj

-82,3 kg
Robin Halfvordsson
Vincent Olofsson
Ola Holgersson

-94,3 kg
Christoffer Danielson


-88,3 kg
Henri Lindroos
Tony Jonsson

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