20 April 2014

Fredrik Jostelius Vs. Pedro Araújo at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck

Fredrik Jostelius makes a come back after injuries. And the fight will be in a lower weight class then he usually fights in. He will fight a portugese fighter, Pedro Araújo that has fought on amateur level on WUFC, (World Ultimate Full Contact ) Championship, a yearly event in Portugal for amateurs.

Pedro Araújo has a stand up background and shows nice boxing skills. Jostelius is more of a ground fighter. Se the fighters squere of against each other at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck the 26th of April in Lisebergshallen in Gotheburg.

Fight Card :

-83.9 Kg : August Wallen (7-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Sirwan Kakai (9-2-0) Vs. Carl Fawcett (6-5-0)
-65.8 Kg : Rafael Macedo da Silva (6-1-0) vs. Frantz Slioa (3-0-0)
-77.1 Kg Per Franklin (6-4-0) Vs. Vitaliy Kalynyuk (6-7-0)
-73.0 Kg: Fernando Gonzalez (5-1-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Erik Carlsson (3-1-0) Vs. Aymard Guih (5-2-1)
-77.1 Kg : Niclas Danielsson (3-1-0) Vs. Ole Magnor (debute)
-61.2 Kg: Binh Son Le (2-1-0) Vs. TBA
-58,0 Kg: Fredrik Jostelius (1-0-0) Vs. Pedro Araújo (0-1-0)
-65.8 Kg: Simon Bandarian (1-0-0) Vs. Mattia Betrolucci (0-1-0)
-88.0 Kg : Pierre Hedberg (debute) Vs. Ali El Idrissi

The Zone Fighting Championship: The Zone Fighting Championship is a series of professional MMA event in Gothenburg. On April 26, 2014 The Zone FC 13 – ‘ Tough Luck ‘ will take place in Lisebergshallen. Expect spectacular matches between Swedish elite fighters and foreign fighters.

Some athletes who previously has competed in The Zone FC: Alexander Gustafsson , Tor Troeng , Mats Nilsson, Hamid ” Akira ” Corassani , Magnus ” Jycken ” Cedenblad , August Wallen , Besam Yousef, Assan Njie and others.

Tickets: Biljettforum http://burl.dk/sfuvxj

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