16 June 2009

First Amateur MMA competition in Serbia

On the 13th of June, CDS MMA Team organized the first Amateur MMA competition in Serbia. You can find the results below: Results: 1. Lazar Brkic (CDS/Shooters MMA) vs Luka Lalatovic (Secutor/Shooters MMA) Winner: Lazar Brkic 2. Dragan Ostojic (CDS/Shooters MMA) vs Zoran Rokic (Secutor/Shooters MMA) Winner: Zoran Rokic 3. Zarko Zivanovic (Secutor/Shooters MMA) vs Aleksandar Mijatovic (CDS/Shooters MMA) Winner: Zarko Zivanovic 4. Predrag Ognjanovic (Secutor/Shooters MMA) vs Nemanja Djeric (CDS/Shooters MMA) Winner: Predrag Ognjanovic 5. Stefan Bozic (Kaizen/Shooters MMA) vs Dejan Medojevic (Uniti) Winner: Stefan Bozic 6. Josif Al Said (CDS/Shooters MMA) vs Nenad Ognjanovic (Secutor/Shooters MMA) Winner: Josif Al Said 7. Aleksandar Milicevic (Secutor-Kaizen/Shooters MMA) vs Nemanja Milosevic (Constrictor/Shooters MMA) Winner: Aleksandar Milicevic

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