4 June 2014

Fatima Pinto fights for the WMC Scandinavian Title

Fatima Pinto (Fighters Lab, NO) will fight Sofia Olofsson from Slagskeppet in Sweden for the WMC Scandinavian Belt in -55,34 kg. Fatima usually fights in -51 kg and has won among other titles, the IFMA World Championship 2011, the IFMA European Championship 2011 and the World Combat Games 2013. For the WMC Title Fatima fights Sofia in a heavier weight (55,34 kg). Sofia just won the bronze in -54 kg at IFMA World Championship 2014 and she also has a silver from the IFMA European Championship 2013. The event where the title fight takes place will be held in Stockholm Sweden on the 7th of June.

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