20 April 2014

Ali El Idrissi Vs. Pierre Hedberg på The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck

A fight between two swedish fighters always gains some more interest. This one between Ali El Idrissi from Allstars Gym in Stockholm fights Pierre Hedberg from FKC in Gothenburg at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck the 26th of April is no exception.

It is two freshmen who will face eachother at The Zone FC 13 – Tough Luck in the heaviest fight of the evening at catch weight – 88 kg. Debutants always puts on a spectacular show and gives it all right from the start. Not seldomly it results in a KO or in a submission early in the fight.

Hedberg is well rounded and more then ready for his debute. Idrissi has shown great hands before, and that might be the edge he needs in this fight.

Fight Card :
-83.9 Kg : August Wallen (7-1-0) Vs. TBA
-61.2 Kg : Sirwan Kakai (9-2-0) Vs. Carl Fawcett (6-5-0)
-65.8 Kg : Rafael Macedo da Silva (6-1-0) vs. Frantz Slioa (3-0-0)
-77.1 Kg Per Franklin (6-4-0) Vs. Vitaliy Kalynyuk (6-7-0)
-73.0 Kg: Fernando Gonzalez (5-1-0) Vs. TBA
-77.1 Kg : Erik Carlsson (3-1-0) Vs. Aymard Guih (5-2-1)
-77.1 Kg : Niclas Danielsson (3-1-0) Vs. Ole Magnor (debute)
-61.2 Kg: Binh Son Le (2-1-0) Vs. TBA
-58,0 Kg: Fredrik Jostelius (1-0-0) Vs. TBA
-65.8 Kg: Simon Bandarian (1-0-0) Vs. Mattia Betrolucci (0-1-0)
-88.0 Kg : Pierre Hedberg (debute) Vs. Ali El Idrissi (debute)

The Zone Fighting Championship: The Zone Fighting Championship is a series of professional MMA event in Gothenburg. On April 26, 2014 The Zone FC 13 – ‘ Tough Luck ‘ will take place in Lisebergshallen. Expect spectacular matches between Swedish elite fighters and foreign fighters.

Some athletes who previously has competed in The Zone FC: Alexander Gustafsson , Tor Troeng , Mats Nilsson, Hamid ” Akira ” Corassani , Magnus ” Jycken ” Cedenblad , August Wallen , Besam Yousef, Assan Njie and others.

Tickets: Biljettforum http://burl.dk/sfuvxj

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