24 February 2017

Results BCMMA 18

BCMMA 18 took place in Colchester UK on the 18th of February. Shooters MMA Fight Team had 11 fighters on the card. Check out the results here!

Shooters MMA Fight Team was represented by BKK Fighters and Tsunami Gym in UK, and Fighters Lab in Norway.

Results BCMMA 18

Pro MMA 135 lbs – Bantamweight Title
Kerry Hughes BKK Fighters vs Zara Dos Santos MMA Factory
Winner: Dos Santos by TKO 2,53 round 1

Pro MMA 155 lbs
Sean Carter BKK Fighters
vs Emerik Youmbi Fight District
Winner: Carter by submission (arm triangle) 2,35 round 3

MMA 145 lbs – Amateur Featherweight Title
Joe Harding BKK Fighters vs Johan Segas CFMMA
Winner: Segas by KO (kick to the head) 0,20 round 3

Amateur MMA 155 lbs
Marcin Kocel Tsunami Gym vs Mahio Campanella CFMMA
Winner: Campanella by submission (guillotine) 0,41 round 3

MMA 125 lbs – Amateur Flyweight Title
Leigh Mitchell BKK Fighters vs Jack Eglin Dragonslair MMA
Winner: Mitchell by unanimous decision

Amateur MMA 170 lbs
Jamie Crisp Tsunami Gym vs Jonathan Tokoudagba CFMMA
Winner: Crisp by unanimous decision

Amateur MMA 125 lbs
Ben Iontton BKK Fighters vs Owen Gover Koncept MMA
Winner: Gover by submission (rear-naked choke) 1,34 round 2

Amateur MMA 170 lbs
Alex Elsey Tsunami Gym vs Bradley Wills Koncept MMA
Winner: Elsey by submission (rear-naked choke) 0,57 round 3

Amateur MMA 145 lbs
Paula Donnelly BKK Fighters vs Charlotte Mcintyre Richmond MMA
Winner: Mcintyre by KO round 1

Amateur MMA 150 lbs
Noredine Nedjai Gym 01 vs Rebin Rashid Fighters Lab
Winner: Nedjai by split decision

Amateur 135 lobs
Kyle Newson BKK Fighters vs Niall Rose The Den Fight Centre
Winner: Newson by submission (guillotine) 2,47 round 2

Pic: Sean Carter BKK Fighters.

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