3 December 2014

Kristian Lapsley fights at BCMMA

Kristian Lapsley joins the other Shooters MMA fighters, Thomas Robertsen, Fredrik Jostelius and Dexter Dyall Wallin, at British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts (BCMMA) 9.

BCMMA 9 takes place in UK on the 6th of December and Kristian Lapsley from Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA will fight Jay Whyte in a Amateur MMA fight -84 kg.

At same event, as we reported earlier, Thomas Robertsen (also from Sarpsborg Chi Kickboxing & MMA) fights Steve Minns in a title fight. Fredrik Jostelius and Dexter Dyall Wallin, both from Gladius MMA, also enters the BCMMA cage this evening, Jostelius fights AJ Bridgeman and Dyall Wallin faces Terry Doyle.


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