4 December 2014

Gladius MMA ready for the Swedish Championship in Shootfighting & Amateur MMA

The Swedish Championship in Shootfighting and Amateur MMA takes place in Stockholm Sweden on the 6th of December and Gladius MMA sends a bunch of fighters battling for the medals.

Gladius MMA will be represented by following fighters:

Finals Amateur MMA

-61,2 kg Renato Vidovic
-83,9 kg Daniel Hurtig

Finals Shootfighting

-56,7 kg Anja Saxmark
-77,1 kg Jonas Ahlsson
-83,9 kg Daniel Karlsson

Fights for Bronze Amateur MMA

-65,8 kg Ante Agneby
-77,1 kg Axel Karlsson
-83,9 kg Heytham Rahbi

Fights for Bronze Shootfighting

-70,3 kg Jonathan Leinonen

Kenny Eriksson, Besam Yousef & Elina Nilsson

Head of the event/Judge
Jesper Gunnarson

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