14 September 2018

Course dates set for January 2019

Three course will be held at  HQ in January 2019. One of them is the new self-defence course!

Groundwork for MMA will take place on Saturday and Sunday 5th-6th of January.

Dutch will take place on Saturday and Sunday 12th-13th of January.

Self-Defence I will take place on Saturday and Sunday 19th-20th of January.

Self-Defence I is a brand new course that will help academies to start courses oriented towards non-fighters. The course contains:

  • Basic self-defence techniques against grips in wrists, grips in clothes, chokes, getting pressed against the wall and bear-hugs.
  • Techniques for striking against vital areas to reinforce the self-defence moves (progressive depending on severity of the initial attack).
  • Basic stand-up fighting techniques and drills to get a basic understanding of fighting.

The attendants will also get written material and syllabus for a full semester (based on two classes a week for 15 weeks)

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