Course – BJJ Level III

Content: Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques suitable for the third (intermediate) semester: Building on Level I & II now with more advanced techniques. Introducing spider-guard, de la riva, new school deep-half-guard, passing the guard, escaping pins and more. All in a well-structured state of the art course.

Includes: Written material and syllabus for a full semester.
Course leader:
August Wallén
Equipment: Gi/kimono and pen & paper.
Requirements: At least two years of training in a martial art that includes grappling and at least one year training with gi. It is good to first have attended BJJ Level I and II but it is not a must.

Place: Shooters MMA Headquarters at Fighter Centre, Gothenburg Sweden
Dates: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of January 2021
Times: 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 both days
Price: 220 Euros

Accommodation: You can stay at the gym for free. On the same street as Fighter Centre you find Hotel Vasa  (five minutes walk), also nearby you find Hotel Poseidon (less then ten minutes walk). There are also hostels; Slottsskogens Vandrarhem and STF Goteborg City vandrarhem  both on around 20 minutes walking distance from Fighter Centre.


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