Mixed Martial Arts


In 648 B.C. the sport of Pankration (Greek meaning "all powers"), a potent mixture of Hellenic boxing and wrestling, was introduced into the Olympic Games. The sport became the most popular event in the Olympic Games and across the Hellenic world. Standing strikes were common, though the overwhelming majority of pankration bouts were settled on the ground, where submission holds and strikes were both accepted practices.

Modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has its origin in the no rules (Vale Tudo) competitions that became popular in Brazil from 1925 and onward. The sport made its international breakthrough in 1993, through the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

MMA covers all ranges of unarmed combat, and is designed for sparring and competition. The aim is to have as few rules as possible while still ensuring safety against severe injuries. In general, boxing (kickboxing and muay thai included), wrestling (Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and to a lesser extent Judo) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) are the three styles that comprise the core of nearly all modern MMA. Most MMA fighters fall into one of three general categories/strategies:

The groundfighter, who will force a fight to the ground, where the focus will be on getting a fight-ending submission, "mission submission". The groundfighter is the closest to a pure grappler one finds in MMA nowadays.

The wrestler, who's strength usually is the takedown. A common strategy of the wrestler is known as "ground'n pound". This refers to the method of taking an opponent down, achieving a dominant ground position, and finishing the fight with strikes.

The striker, who's preference is to stay on his/her feet and win with a knockout. The strategy of the striker is sometimes called "sprawl'n brawl". This refers to the focus on counter takedowns in order to stay upright and exchange blows.

Shooters MMA's concept has equal emphasize on the above mentioned strategies. The training resembles boxing, wrestling and BJJ training, but with a smaller selection of techniques. There is also a focus on "putting it together", using boxing to set up a takedown, how to take someone down while maintaining position for a submission, boxing on the ground, etc.

Shooters' professional fighters will fight in any serious MMA promotion, usually under less restricted rules. Shooters regularly arrange training competitions under more restricted rules for the team's amateur fighters.

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