Shooters MMA has, in cooperation with some of the World's best instructors and fighters, developed an outstanding mixed martial arts concept. The Shooters MMA concept is constantly improved accordingly to the ongoing evolution of mixed martial arts. Shooters MMA also has a long experience of concept development as the team has been around since 1996.

One of the major strengths of the concept is the structure, which gives each move a natural place in the fighting system. The structure covers all areas in MMA-fighting, and one of our main focuses has been to make all techniques drillable. Drilling enhances learning, makes the skill development much faster and helps the fighter to adapt quickly to the techniques and to use them in actual fighting.

All techniques included are adjusted for MMA and chosen for their effectiveness. The moves are compatible with each other as they follow the same pattern of movement. Each technique is explained in details with all necessary mechanics. Drills and training methods as well as principles, theory and strategy are integrated in the concept. The Shooters MMA concept is taught through state of the art courses:

The Shooters MMA Concept is developed by August Wallén in cooperation with many of the team’s instructors and fighters. Several international instructors have contributed to the Shooters MMA concept. Three have had major impact: Randy Couture, Roy Harris and Murilo “Ninja” Rua.

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