August Wallén promoted to second degree black belt

Today Shooters MMA Fight Team’s chief instructor, August Wallén, was promoted to second degree black belt by Roy Harris. Read more.

Roy Harris visited Shooters HQ, Fighter Centre in Gothenburg Sweden, this weekend to teach BJJ seminar. Today he promoted August Wallén a well deserved second degree on his black belt. August Wallén:

Today I was promoted to second degree black belt by professor Roy Harris who has been my BJJ-instructor since 2001. Thank you for everything Roy! I also want to thank Mikael Knutsson, Henri Lindroos and Johan Eliasson for assisting this morning, as well as Anders Nilsson, who together with Henri does a fantastic job in building Gladius BJJ. Finally, I want to thank all my students regardless of sport for your belief in me, it’s what makes me keep moving forward!

2017/03/20 – 15:40
Elina Nilsson

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